Program (tentative)

Full program (updated on 11/13)

December 2 (Mon) Registration & Welcome reception evening
December 3 (Tue) Scientific session morning & afternoon
December 4 (Wed) Scientific session morning & afternoon
December 5 (Thu) Scientific session morning & afternoon
December 6 (Fri) Scientific session morning

APO 2019 will feature a number of international leading plenary speakers and invited speakers. The program will also include some contributed oral presentations and a poster session (including a short talk presentation, optional), which will provide participants the opportunity to highlight their recent work. The organizing committee hereby invites you to submit abstracts for consideration for inclusion in the program before September 15th 2019.

Instructions for poster presentation

Each poster board measures 175cm high x 90cm wide. The recommmendation of poster size is A0 (1189mm x 841mm). The poster number will be indicated in the upper left corner of each poster board. Posters can be mounted from 12/3 (Tue) in the morning until the end of the conference. Short talk should be prepared as Powerpoint presentation file and submitted before 11/29 (Fri) to rytanaka[@] (please replace [@] to @).

Plenary Speakers

Prof. T. C. Mike Chung
(Pennsylvania State University, USA)

Dr. Terunori Fujita
(Research Fellow, Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.)

Prof. Minoru Terano
(Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)

Invited Speakers

Prof. Moris S. Eisen (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel)
Prof. Bo-Geng Li (Zhejiang University, China)
Prof. Kohtaro Osakada (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
Prof. Dongmei Cui (Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, CAS, China)
Prof. Kotohiro Nomura (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan)
Prof. Young Soo Ko (Kongju National University, Korea)
Prof. Changle Chen (University of Science and Technology of China, China)
Prof. Yusuke Hiejima (Kanazawa University, Japan)
Prof. Zhengguo Cai (Donghua University, China)
Prof. Boping Liu (South China Agricultural University, China)
Prof. Zhongbao Jian (Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, CAS, China)
Prof. Wei Li (Ningbo University, China)
Prof. Wenjuan Zhang (Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, China)
Prof. Hong Fan (Zhejiang University, China)
Prof. Shengyu Dai (Anhui University, China)
Prof. Hui Niu (Dalian University of Technology, China)
Prof. Bun Yeoul Lee (Ajou University, Korea)
Dr. Hayder Zahalka (SI Group, USA)
Prof. Shaofeng Liu (Qingdao University of Science and Technology, China)
Dr. Mihail Matsko (Boreskov Institute of Catalysis, Russia)
Dr. Alberto Ortίn (Polymer Char, Spain)
Dr. G. S. Kapur (Indian Oil, India)
Prof. Wen-Hua Sun (Institute of Chemistry, CAS, China)
Dr. Saufudin Abubakar (ExxonMobil Chemical, China)
Prof. Suojiang Zhang (Institute of Process Engineering, CAS, China)
Prof. Sasiradee Jantasee (Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi, Thailand)